Reduce My Overweight Butt Now!

The issue of how to drop your fat butt isn’t very difficult to answer knowing a few tricks and tips. Heck, all of us desire to fit into our skinny-jeans and short-shorts without requiring two others to help us squeeze into them! Asian women have invented many strategies to get the body they desire, today we’re going to evaluate one of them and put it to good use!

Get Rid Of My Flabby Butt Now!

Big butts are frequently either genetic (provided for us by one of our parents) or diet/health related (our body decides to turn surplus calories into fat deposits in this area), or a mix of both.

Whichever of the two causes you grief, they can be tackled by using a simple routine at your health club or gym, or even by yourself outdoors.

This is a thing I constantly suggest to the clients in my Skinny Asian Diet program, as it’s been a long-standing practice in Asia for generations of women to get slim thighs and thinner rear-ends: Riding a bike!

Not Your Normal Bike Ride

Typically the way people ride bikes in Asia, particularly in the big cities, is in a series of start/stop/start/stop routines since they stop for red lights, traffic, other people, etc.

However the result all of this starting and stopping has is that it dramatically energizes the muscles that make up the gluteus maximus (your butt) and your quadriceps/hamstrings (your thighs).

This activation actively works to steal fat cells belonging to the deposits situated in those areas to burn as energy, since you’re using just those muscles to ride the bike.

Typically, muscle excitement leads to growth, which is the reverse of what we’re after. In this case however it brings about more lean legs since we aren’t lifting significant weights…we’re just pedaling. If you think about Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong you quickly recognize that his ultra-lean body is the product of all that biking.

You can attain the same effect with far less work, simply by replicating the start/stop/start/stop routine that people without cars have to do for basic transportation all over Asia.

To do it, just hop on a bike, either non moving or an actual bike, and pedal at a moderate pace for approximately 60 seconds straight. Don’t kill yourself by going too fast, it isn’t necessary. And do NOT practice it up or down hills, which is too much muscular effort and could lead to growth…remember, we want a nice workout but we don’t want to lift weights if we need to thin out our butt and thighs.

After each minute is up, coast for a bit or reduce speed to half the speed you were going before. Do that for around half a minute. Then replicate the process by speeding back up to the pace you used for the first 60 seconds.

So basically your routine will look like this: 60/30/60/30/60/30 etc.

Go as long as you desire, I suggest a half-hour if possible, and continue to do it three to four times a week. You’ll rapidly lose inches off your “adversary” fat butt, and you will also condition your thighs into a slimmer more sexy look as well!

A Different Tip That Works Well

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