Dieting On Sugar Substitutes

With one in every four Americans and one in every seven people in Singapore suffering from Diabetes and Overweight, sugar substitutes have become a million dollar business. And now they can be found everywhere.

There are many ways to sweeten naturally such as pure cane, beet, honey,nectar, maple syrup, dates, barley malt, and fruit juice. All these are good for a balanced healthy diet but must be consumed in moderation. Refined sugar is still better than substitutes. But raw sugar has some nutrients that protect our teeth.

Sugar substitutes can be harmful if it is taken in more than required thereby defeats its purpose. Many overweight people do not realise this. It is amazing when you notice at coffee shops or outlets people pouring sachet after sachet into their cups. Thinking it will not hurt their diet plan. There are many unnatural products that are contributing to the rise of diabetes and obesity. You heard about Diet Coke, Less Sugar added etc ..
in the marketplace.

Commonly sugar substitutes found in the market:

1.High Frutose Corn Syrup.

It is the cheapest and can be found in candy, soda, bread, yogurt, pizza,
crackers, ketchup and many more. So you see we are overloaded with
HFCS everyday. It is banned in Europe and Canada but surprisingly not in

2.Aspartame also known as Nutrasweet in the marketplace

This can be found in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi and many other beverages that
claimed to have less sugar added. It is 180 times as sweet as sugar. Recent
studies showed people that use this lead to increase in appetite. The use of
diet sodas is associated with weight gain and not weight loss.

3.Sucralose ( Splenda )

It is found in more than 3500 food products in the US. Man-made chlorine
is found in it. Anecdotal reports associated the use leading to headaches,
urinary problems, fatigue, digestive disorders and other ailments.


This is the first artificial sweetener sold in the market. Despite many
objections from the public as it contains anthranilic acid, nitrous acid,
sulphur dioxide, chlorine and ammonia it is still in the market.

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